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Why should you go for the Python Online Training?

Python online training course is beneficial for the data scientists creating and utilizing Machine learning applications. This programming language can reduce development time by providing easy-to-read syntax and simple compilation characteristic. Also, while learning how to execute basic purpose tasks, automation and data mining from a live project, the training offers job support from the experienced people in this field.

Who should go for the Python Online Training?

If you are a developer, programmer, technical lead, architect, or analytics manager managing a team of analysts, you can opt for this Job Oriented Training. Also, business analysts understanding Machine Learning techniques, information architects desiring to excel at predictive analytics, and developers pursuing a Machine Learning Engineer can go for Python Training.

Python Basics:

1.  Introduction to Python
2.  Future of Python
3.  Why Choose Python 3
4.  Python Environment Setup
5.  Installing Python 3
6.  Features of Python
7.  Python Interpreter
8.  Python Syntax
9.  Python Statement, Indentation, and Comments
10. Python Variables and Data Types
11. Python Variable Scope
12. Python Identifiers
13. Python Operators
14. Python Numbers
15. Python Strings
16. Python Lists
17. Python Tuples
18. Python Dictionaries
19. Python Sets
20. Python Tuples vs Lists
21. Sequences and Collections in Python
22. Python Decision-Making
23. Python Loops
24. Python Functions
25. Python Built-in Functions
26. Range() Function in python
27. Python Function arguments
28. Python Recursion

Python Intermediate:

29. Class, Object, and Members
30. Data Hiding and Object Printing
31. Inheritance, examples of an object, subclass, and super
32. Polymorphism in Python
33. Class and static variable in python
34. Class method and static method in python
35. Changing class members
36. Garbage collection
37. Exception Handling
38. try and except in Python
39. User-defined Exception
40. Built-in Exception
41. Taking input in Python
42. Taking input from console in Python
43. Taking multiple inputs from the user in Python
44. Python Input Methods for Competitive Programming
45. Vulnerability in input() function – Python 2.x
46. Python | Output using print() function
47. How to print without newline in Python?
48. Python | end parameter in print()
49. Python | sep parameter in print()
50. Python | Output Formatting
51. Python File I/O
52. OS Module

Python Advance:

53.Python Iterables
54. Python Iterators
55. Python Decorators
56. Python Generators
57. Python Generators vs Iterators
58. Python Date and Time
59. Python Calendar Module
60. Shallow Copy and Deep Copy- Python
61. Python Regular Expressions
62. Python Multi-threading
63. Networking in python 3
64. GUI Programming in Python 3
65. CGI Programming in Python
66. Python Multi-threading


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