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About JavaScript:

This is a modern and comprehensive JavaScript course that focuses on the latest version of JavaScript. We will cover some of the latest features of javaScript. Features such as Async Await, Array.from(), Array.Map() that were recently introduced. One of the best feature of this course is its simplicity. All the coding samples are very easy to understand. I prefer to use real world use cases to explain concepts.

What you’ll learn:

Understand fundamentals of JavaScript

• Understand scope in JavaScript with concepts like Lexical Scope, Global Scope and Block Scope
• Understand basic concepts of functions such as Callback Functions, Function Expressions, IIFE
• Master object-oriented JavaScript concepts like Prototypal Inheritance, Prototype Chain
• Master functional programming concepts in JavaScript like Closures, Method Chaining, Higher Order Functions
• Get entry point into modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular and Ember
• Master Async JavaScript concepts like SetTimeout, Promises, Async Await
• Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
• No JavaScript knowledge is required. However, enthusiasm to learn is very much required We will start at a basic level and gradually move up to an expert level.
• Who this course is for:
• This course is for people who want to learn the latest version of JavaScript from scratch
• This course is for people who want to make a career change or want to make an entry into Front-end development
• This course is for people who have some JavaScript experience and want to strengthen their fundamentals and become an expert

Course Descriptions:

Section 1: Course Introduction and Setup

• Course Introduction and Overview
• Setting up tools and environment

Section 2: Variables

• Defining Variables
• Let vs Const
• Valid Variables
• Basic Debugging Techniques

Section 3: Primitive Data Types

• Types of Data Types
• null & undefined
• Boolean
• Strings
• Template Strings
• String Methods
• Numbers
• Math Methods
• Math.random()
• Symbol
• Type Conversions

Section 4: JavaScript Basics (Operators and Statements)

• Section Intro
• Operators
• Bitwise Operators
• if/else Statement
• switch Statement
• for Loop
• while Loop

Section 5: Variable Scope & Scope Chain

• Section Intro
• Global Scope
• Block Scope
• Lexical Scope
• Scope Chain

Section 6: Arrays and Objects

• Section Intro
• Array Introduction
• Mutating Arrays
• Multidimensional Arrays
• Iterating Arrays using “forEach” & “for of”
• Object Introduction
• Iterating Objects using “for in”
• Destructuring
• Sets
• Maps and WeakMaps

Section 7: functions

• Function Basics
• Spread Operator and Rest Parameters
• Default Parameters
• Callback Functions
• Map, Filter, and Reduce Methods
• Array Method Sort()
• Array Methods some() & every()
• Coding Exercise
• Coding Solution

Section 8: Object Oriented Programming

• Prototypal Inheritance
• Function Constructors
• Extending Constructors
• Classes
• Sub Classes
• Arrow Function

Section 9: Functional Programming

• “this” keyword in Object Literals
• Call Apply Bind
• Closures
• Function Chaining

Section 10: Async JavaScript

• Blocking vs Non-Blocking
• setTimeout & setInterval
• Promises
• Async Await
• Rest API
• Fetch API

Section 11: JavaScript and HTML

• Installing Visual Studio Code Editor
• Using JavaScript In HTML
• DOM Events
• Event Bubbling and Capturing
• Debounce Function
• Throttling

Section 12: ES2019 Features (*new*)

• Object Method Object.fromEntries()
• Array Methods flat() & flatMap()
• String Methods trimStart() & trimEnd()
• Symbol.description()
• Optional Catch Binding

Section 13: Browser caching and local storage

• Browser caching
• cookies
• localStorage
• SessionStorage