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About Android :

Why Choose Us ?:

We are the best Android with Java provider and motivated to train you in the App Development technology. Our instructors are experienced professionals who possess great experience in MNCs and framework . Our training is 100% practical as we are aware of the industry needs and offer both Classroom and Online sessions.

Why Java ?

Java is easy to learn for a variety of reasons. There’s certainly no shortage of Java resources out there to help you learn the language, including websites, tutorials, books, and classes. Java is one of the most widely discussed, taught, and used programming languages on the planet. It’s used for many different types of programming projects,no matter their scale, from web applications to desktop applications to mobile applications.

Course Descriptions:

  • Oops Concepts
  • Inheritance In Detail
  • Exception Handling
  • Packages & Interfaces
  • Jvm & .Jar File Extension
  • Multi Threading (Thread Class & Rentable Interface)
  • Dml and Ddl Queries In Brief
  • History of AWS
  • Introduction to the AWS products
  • Understanding AMI
  • Launching your first AWS instance
  • On-demand Instance pricing
  • Reserved Instance pricing
  • Spot instance pricing
  • Setting up security
  • Security groups
  • Choosing the AMI
  • Creating a new AMI
  • Public and Private IP’s
  • Deploying a new instance from the created AMI
  • Key Pairs
  • Elastic IP’s
  • ELB(Elastic Load Balancer)
  • What is VPC?
  • VPC configuration
  • VPC security
  • Elastic IP’s Inbound and outbound ACL’s
  • Use of cloudfront
  • Creating a cloudfront distribution
  • Hosting a website of cloudfront distribution
  • Implementing restrictions
  • Configuring origins and behaviors
  • Create EBS volumes
  • Delete EBS Volumes
  • Attach and detach EBS volumes
  • Mounting and unmounting EBS volume
  • Creating and deleting snapshots
  • Creating volumes from snpashots S3(Simple Storage Service)
  • Creating zones
  • Hosting a website
  • Understanding routing policies
  • Weighted simple and failover policies

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